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K2 Edibles

K2 is committed to celebrating diversity with food.  Menu development is based on client’s preferences. Inspired options include but are not exclusive to Lebanese, Indian, Cuban, Asian and traditional American.  We create menu with each individual event.

We specialize in fresh, ethnic cuisine.  Using locally grown ingredients whenever possible we create dishes that celebrate our region infusing them into ethnic dishes.

Service obsessed - K2 makes your planning easy.

A Little History

After 25 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry Chef Kristin Karam started K2 Edibles in 2008. She has carved out a niche market of offering fridge-stocking, menu planning and full meal preparation for those who want to leave all the cooking behind. She has built a reputation for great food and service one client at a time. Word of mouth has been integral in building the K2 client base.

Feel the Love

“Thank you for contributing to an amazingly successful wedding celebration.”

“The tabbouleh was amazing Katie and I were fighting of the last bite.”

“Thank you K2 Edibles for the delicious Cuban lunches today at Hagerty. Awesome flavors and a huge hit by all.”

“That was some seriously good Indian food last night at Left Foot Charley! Can’t wait for next week! Pad Thai is a fav!”

“Oh my gosh…BEST DINNER EVER!!! Thanks for making our tummies so incredibly happy.”